Cell-Based Assays


Ziva®-CPA is an ultrasensitive cell proliferation assay that is 200x more sensitive than the gold standard 3H-thymidine incorporation assay and able to detect 1-4 proliferating cell among 100,000 unlabeled cells.


Ziva®-Tox is an ultrasensitive cell cytotoxicity assay designed to replace 51Cr-release assays. Ziva®-Tox can use far fewer cells per well and has a very flexible assay format to accommodate a variety of experimental designs. Ziva®-Tox can be used for cell-mediated as well as non-cell mediated studies (e.g., toxin, drug candidate, or antibody-mediated cytotoxicity assays).

Research Assays

Jaden BioScience Inc. is pleased to introduce uniquely ultrasensitive assays that enable new scientific discoveries for research and development.