Jaden BioScience Inc. specializes in the development of ultrasensitive assays for rare cell and protein detection, enabling new scientific discoveries.

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Jaden Products

Our assays target PCR level sensitivity, are easy-to-perform in ~ 1 hr, require very small volume from 5 to 50 μL, and are cost effective.

Available assays and instruments:

Ziva®-CPA Ultrasensitive BrdU Cell Proliferation Assay

The Ziva®-CPA assay enables novel scientific discovery due to its unique sensitivity. Ziva®-CPA can detect 1 cell in a background of 100,000 cells. In direct comparisons with 3H-thymidine, Ziva®-CPA was more than 200x more sensitive.

Ziva®-Tox Ultrasensitive Cytotoxicity Assay

The Ziva®-Tox has the same sensitivity as Ziva®-CPA. This assay can be used in CTL, ADCC, NK and chemical toxicity measurements. It is superior to traditional methods: greater CTL signals, flexible incubation times, and greater sensitivity in the presence of high numbers of background cells.

Ziva® Ultra SEAP Plus Assay

Ziva® Ultra SEAP Plus is by far the most sensitive SEAP assay available today. Ziva SEAP can detect down to 20 to 50 AP molecules in 5 µL format. This sensitivity is equal to PCR level sensitivity. Ziva is used to monitor SEAP reporter gene activity, germ cell biomarker AP, and stem cell AP biomarker of differentiation.
See the SEAP product performance section.

Insight-Mi® Luminometer

Insight-Mi® is a high quality and reasonably priced, 96-well microtiter plate luminometer with a 9 decade linear dynamic range. The lower limit of sensitivity is 0.9 amol ATP. Ideal for use with Ziva® assays to detect the full assay performance range. This instrument can readily detect 600 enzyme molecules.

Coming Soon, Ziva® Cell Surface Assays

The Ziva® Cell Surface Assays will offer a wide variety of cell surface marker detection assays that are equal to or are more sensitive than standard flow cytometry, require very small test samples, will not require highly trained technicians and will be more cost effective than current methods. Research scientists can use Ziva® cell surface assays alongside of their use of flow cytometry methods for rapid monitoring of selected markers. Let us know which cell surface markers would be most useful to you in your research at info@jadenbio.com.

Pilot programs are available for biomarker discovery using Jaden's ultrasensitive cell surface assay platform technology- contact Jaden Business Development.

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